Welcome to Silver Moon Traders, your source for fine fetish carvings from Native American
artisTs. on the web SINCE 1995

Silver Moon Traders

Silver Moon Traders began when I made a trip to New Mexico back in late 1989.  I loved the Native jewelry and art, but I really fell in love with the Zuni fetishes.  I brought a few of them to pow wows in Texas.  Then I brought a few more, and a few more, and, pretty soon, people started asking if I had a catalog, so the website was born.  

Today, I still have a one person operation, doing online sales as well as continuing to 2 pow wows a year:   
2020 Pow Wows cancelled due to COVID-19.  I hope to see you all in Grand Prairie, TX  (near Dallas) in September 2021, and Austin, TX, the first Saturday in November 2021

Please realize that all the pieces on my website are one of a kind.  That means it is possible that the item you absolutely love could have been sold at that pow wow in Texas last weekend (this phenomenon occurs annually from the beginning of September through mid-November).  So buy it when you see it.  I do my best to maintain the site so that it accurately reflects pieces currently in stock, but, alas, I'm human and I do, occasionally, make a mistake. 

I was a member in good standing of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association from 2006 through the Association's disbanding in 2019, which means you can be assured that the Native piece you are purchasing is authentic Native made.  

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